Dog Calming Anxiety Spray

Pet Harmony Natural Dog Calming Anxiety Spray

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DESCRIPTION The natural way to keep your dogs stress and anxiety-free Pets are like the furry members of our families, and like us, they too have their unique ways of
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    The natural way to keep your dogs stress and anxiety-free Pets are like the furry members of our families, and like us, they too have their unique ways of dealing with the stress and anxiety of life.

    Pet harmony makes this necessary process much easier on them and less of a terrifying experience for you.

    Pet harmony features a proprietary patented formula calming for dogs with low concentration Lavender, Cedarwood, and Chamomile which200% natural essential oils.

    This calming dog spray works alongside the pet’s biological calming mechanisms while mimicking GABA- Gama Amino Butyric Acid, a natural calming agent found in mammals, birds, and reptiles.

    Pet Harmony Dog & Puppy calming Products are Natural Easy to use Starts working instantly Works without requiring sedation

    Relieves stress and keeps your pet aware of surroundings while being more attentive and receptive-builds confidence and training

    Pet stress is triggered by Fireworks, therefore it is firework calmer for dogs New pet in home-one they haven’t met yet Loud noises Travelling and trips to the vet Alone at home

    Separation from owner Routine changes Loss of companion

    Your pet is stressed when you notice. its spraying/soiling over grooming lack of interaction or interest to play Appetite loss Aggression Scratching and yawning

    How pet harmony helps Rapid relief and calm will get your pet relaxed and de-stressed in no time as pet harmony slowly stabilizes their mood.

    Pet Harmony does not need sedation to work. The formula works alongside the neurotransmitters and helps the nerves to calm or get fired up.

    Pet Harmony is designed to work alongside and boost internal mechanisms to calm your dog.

    It does not control learned and reactive behaviours, which the pet will still exhibit by reacting the same way before the process began.

    If your ring the boor, it will start barking if that’s the response it knows. This happens even if the formula has worked.


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