What Naturally Keeps Mice and Rats Away?

You may be wondering what naturally keeps mice and rats away. You can try essential oils such as cloves. There are many benefits to using clove essential oil, including its powerful repellent effects. Clove essential oil is also beneficial for human health, most commonly used for toothache pain relief. To make a blend, you can mix it with other essential oils. Ideally, you should dilute the essential oil blend with carrier oils or water.


There are many ways to keep mice and rats away naturally. Using peppermint oil is one of them. Spray it in areas where mice can access it. Don’t use mouse traps; peppermint oil works as a natural repellent. If you use a mousetrap and still notice that mice come back, peppermint oil is an excellent alternative. You can apply peppermint oil directly to cracks and crevices. You can also dilute peppermint oil in water and spray it into areas where mice come into contact with it.

Teabags soaked in peppermint oil are another natural repellent. The tea bags can be placed in various corners of the house. You can pour peppermint oil on the cotton balls for a more potent effect. Remember to replace them a couple of times a week because rodents may use the cotton for nesting material once the scent has worn off. Another alternative to using peppermint oil is to mix it with water and spray it onto the baseboards.

Clove oil

The Peppermint plant, in particular, is a natural insect repellent and can be used to keep rodents out of your home. Mice can’t stand the smell of cloves, so using peppermint plants near your entrances is beneficial. Another effective natural repellent for mice is clove essential oil. You can either put whole cloves on a cotton ball or wrap them in a cloth and place it near entry points.

Another natural pest repellent is peppermint oil. While this isn’t always effective, this essential oil is an excellent choice. Apply it to rags, under kitchen appliances, and other areas that attract unwanted house guests. You can change the rags every couple of days. This will make the mice and rats uncomfortable enough to stay away. Clove oil is effective against mice and rats without harming your home or pets.


Eucalyptus oil is known for its deterring and odourless qualities, making it an excellent solution for keeping mice and rats away from your home. You can apply the oil to any home area, but you can also use it as a natural insect repellent. You can dilute the oil to 5%, 10%, or 20% and spray it on pathways in your home where mice and rats are most likely to be.

Eucalyptus oil has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties commonly used in household cleaners. A few drops mixed with a small amount of water and applied to any unsanitary surface will make the area feel more hygienic. Remember, however, to avoid applying the oil to food preparation surfaces. Using the oil in food preparation areas is not recommended unless you are confident the child will be able to handle it.

Instant potato powder

Using a sugar and potato flakes mixture can keep mice and rats out of your house. When rats eat the flakes, they rehydrate and swell inside the rat’s body. Eventually, they die. You can also mix the flakes with water to make a bait dish. This will not work as well as using traditional rat poisons, but it can help you keep mice and rats out of your home.

Another inexpensive solution to keep mice and rats out of your home is to sprinkle instant mashed potatoes. These flakes expand as they are eaten, and mice will avoid the trap. This can also kill larger animals. Just make sure the flakes are out of reach from young children and pets. While this method works, you should always be cautious if you live in an area with predatory birds. This method may be ineffective for your home, but you can save yourself a lot of money.

Does peppermint keep mice away?

Do you know about peppermint? It is a herb that many people use for medicinal purposes. A study was done in which mice were placed in an area with or without peppermint oil. The mice in the presence of the oil had much lower rates of sickness and mortality than the mice that were not in the oil. So, if you are trying to keep pests away from your home, adding some peppermint oil may be a good idea!

How long does it take to get rid of mice?

Mice are small rodents that live in numbers. They are known for their quick movements and ability to squeeze through tight spaces. Mice can also transmit diseases to humans. There are different ways to get rid of mice. One way is to use poison, another is to trap them, and a third is to use a molluscicide. Poison usually works the fastest, but it can be dangerous if pets or children get into the area where the mouse was killed. Traps work well if there are not too many mice, but they can be expensive and set off by things like birds or cats. Rat repellents are a good solution for large infestations and can be used indoors or outdoors. The best way to use molluscicide is to place it where the mice have been seen so that they will eat it and die from poisoning.

EcoWidow Mouse and rat Repellent Spray

The EcoWidow mouse and rat repellent spray is a new product designed to help protect people and animals from the harmful effects of mice and rats. The EcoWidow mouse and rat repellent spray use natural ingredients to deter these pests, making them effective and safe. It can be used in areas where mice or rats are a problem, such as businesses, homes, schools, hospitals, etc. It is also effective in controlling the spread of rodents and their diseases. The EcoWidow mouse and rat repellent spray is a safe and easy-to-use product designed to repel mice or rats.


In conclusion, there are many different ways to keep mice and rats away. Like using peppermint oil, some methods are natural and safe for both humans and pets. Like using traps or poison, others can be dangerous if not used properly. No matter which way you choose, always read the instructions carefully and follow them exactly.

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