What is the best thing to keep wasps away?

What is the best thing to keep wasps away? If you’re wondering what is the best thing to keep wasps out of your home, here are a few tips. Old rotting food attracts them, while freshly prepared food keeps them away. At the same time, wasps tend to love protein-rich foods in the spring and summer, and their taste for sugar and trash spikes during the winter. To keep wasps away, avoid leaving food out or discarding trash around the house.

EcoWidow Wasp Bee Hornet Natural Vegan-Friendly Repellent Spray

EcoWidow wasp repellant is an excellent alternative to wasp killers and nest destroyers. Our natural but effective mixture works quickly and emits a scent that wasps despise, helping to keep them away from your garden and property. A vegan-friendly natural formula can be used on people, gardens, and outbuildings.

Unlike wasp killers, sometimes packed with hazardous chemicals, our product is quick-acting and long-lasting. EcoWidow is entirely natural and safe for pets and children. Below are some other natural ways to get rid of wasps.

Natural ways to keep wasps away

Spearmint oil

If you want to keep wasps from destroying your yard, you can spray the area with spearmint oil. It works as a scent-based fence to keep them away. Also, it will keep mosquitoes away. Plants that smell sweet are also good repellents. Plants such as spearmint, wormwood, and eucalyptus are good choices.

Besides spraying a repellent, you can also use a trap. The first method is to place a bottle on a nearby tree. The sugar attracts wasps, which will crawl into the bottle. When the wasps land on the sugar, they will probably get trapped in the bottle. The second method involves setting traps in your yard that you can remove if they don’t stay long.


If you are worried about wasps, you may have a solution for their problem. Wormwood contains absinthe, a compound toxic to insects. The plant has silvery-green leaves and pale yellow flowers. It can be used as a repellent by planting it around the perimeter of your garden or near your home. Planting wormwood requires little care, except for occasional watering and pruning, and may inhibit the growth of other household plants.

To repel wasps, plant a variety of wasp-repelling plants around the home and yard. Plants such as wormwood and marigold are excellent repellents. They also add a natural border around your house and yard. Plants that are resistant to wasps include basil, mint, and wormwood. Plant these repellents in the early spring before they arrive and start nesting.

Dryer sheets

In addition to using deterrent sprays, you can also use dryer sheets to keep wasps away from your home. These simple items have a heavenly smell that wasps find repellent. Hang them in trees or spread them around your house for a pleasing scent. Replace them when the scent has faded. In addition to deterring wasps, these sheets can also be effective in keeping bees away from your yard.

Besides using dryer sheets to repel wasps, you can also use a variety of natural products that repel wasps. Citronella and spearmint are effective in repelling wasps. Similarly, if you have a cookout in the backyard, you can place pantyhose around the picnic table. These items will prevent wasps from scouting out the area for nesting.


It would help if you also used a repellent to keep wasps away. A repellent such as vinegar or bicarbonate of soda is an effective way to keep wasps from your home. In the late summer, worker wasps are at their highest numbers, and they love sugary foods such as jam or beer. Another repellent to keep wasps away is cinnamon and talcum powder.

In addition to wasp repellents, you can use essential oils. Peppermint oil is particularly effective in keeping wasps away. Rub a few drops of it on the area where you believe wasps are most active, and you’ll see them flying away in no time. If peppermint isn’t your favourite, cinnamon oil is a safer alternative but can cause rashes. Other essential oils can also be mixed with vinegar or soap to make a repellent that’s effective against wasps.

Peppermint oil

While we’re on repellents, it’s worth noting that geraniums aren’t exactly the best thing to keep wasps away. Even though they’re excellent backyard decorations, geraniums don’t completely protect your home from wasps. In many cases, they’ll only cover a specific area. However, a good repellent will help you keep wasps out by destroying their nests completely. Using cucumber to get rid of wasps’ stingers is also another way to deter them. However, please don’t put the cucumber in an aluminium pan, as it will produce a chemical reaction.

Another natural repellent is peppermint oil. This oil can be added to a spray bottle and used to spray the nest. When applying peppermint oil to the nest, you should wear protective clothing as wasps can sting you. It would help if you also used the solution on the nests of other wasps in your yard since it is highly scented. To use peppermint oil, you’ll need to apply it several times over several days.

Neem oil

Neem oils are effective against more than 200 different pests, including wasps. It has antifeedant and growth-regulating properties that influence several insect species, including the deadly fall armyworm. These products may also impact other common pests, such as houseflies, green vegetable bugs, and fruit flies. These insects are resistant to most commonly used pesticides, but neem products have proven effective in controlling these pests.

Although neem oil effectively keeps wasps away, it also affects beneficial pollinators, including honeybees. This essential oil may cause toxic effects, especially in the queen bee. It may also cause a decrease in the number of honeybees, resulting in a slower-moving and lower body mass. Neem oil can also harm pollinators, so be sure to spray your garden after dark to avoid affecting them.

What smell does wasp hate?

There are many smells that wasps hate, but the most potent one is vinegar. If you see a wasp near your house, spray vinegar in the air, and it will fly away. Other smells that wasps hate include citrus fruits, peppermint, and lavender.

What kind of repellents work best against wasps?

There are many ways to kill wasps, but the EcoWidow Wasp Repellent is the most effective. The product comes in a small can with an adjustable nozzle. It sprays a thin line of liquid that quickly kills wasps on contact. The repellent is safe for use around people and pets, and it is biodegradable.


In conclusion, a few things can be done to keep wasps away. One of the best ways to keep them away is by eliminating their food source. This can be done by ensuring that all trash is properly disposed of and that there is no food left out. Another way to keep wasps away is to use an insecticide. Finally, if an infestation does occur, it is essential to call a professional to get rid of them.

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