How Do I Get Rid of Ants Outside the House Naturally?

Natural ant repellents are not expensive. One inexpensive ants repellent is citrus peels. Scatter citrus peels around the base of plants and leave them to dry on your counter. Alternatively, you can make citrus-scented vinegar and spray it on your plants. However, be sure not to spray the vinegar on pet bedding or food areas. This is one way to get rid of ants outside the house without spending any money.

Use of EcoWidow Ant Repellents

When most people think of ants, they think of the little black bugs that invade their kitchen in the summer. Ants can be a nuisance, but they can also be dangerous. Some ants are known to carry diseases, and all ants can cause property damage. There are several ways to deal with ants, including chemical ant repellents.

There are several chemical ant repellents on the market, but many contain harmful chemicals that can be toxic to both people and pets. Several natural ant repellent sprays are available if you want to avoid using chemical repellents. These sprays use essential oils to repel ants, and they are safe for both people and pets.

Table salt

When you notice ants in your home, sprinkle some table salt in the corners, crevices, baseboards, window ledges, and other areas they might be entering. The salt will repel them, and you should also sprinkle a layer of flour on your windowsills and baseboards. Make a salt spray and apply it to any areas you suspect may have ants for more effective results.

Salt is a natural repellent that can be applied directly to ants or mixed into a solution. While the chemical properties of table salt aren’t as strong as those of other ingredients, it’s highly effective for killing ants. Sprinkle it around your house and right on your doorstep to eliminate ant colonies. If you apply the solution directly to ants, you should notice a significant decrease in their activity. You can also apply other types of not edible salt, like Epsom salt, which has medicinal value.

Bait traps

If you’re fed up with dealing with ant infestations, you can try one of several bait traps to get rid of ants naturally. Borax-based mixtures are effective for trapping ants that are attracted to protein. To create a peanut butter bait, mix powdered sugar with a teaspoon of borax. Press the mixture into a short tube and place it near ant trails. Repeat every few days to keep the lure fresh. Boric acid is an effective trap, but you must remember to use it sparingly and avoid drafty areas. Follow label directions and use it in small amounts.

Bait stations can also be a good option if ants come outside the house. These stations contain baits that attract the insects and encourage them to enter. Once the ants enter the trap, they bring the bait back to the nest, where they kill the other ants. Bait traps contain various types of chemicals, including borax and boric acid. But be careful when you’re using these products around children or pets! Using too many chemicals in your home can affect everyone, including your pets.

Planting mint

The plant is a natural ant repellent that is easy to use, yet it is not limited to your house. You can also spray the plant with an insecticide that contains the chemical pyrethrin. This insecticide is derived from chrysanthemums and can be applied to areas where ants are active. It is best to spray the plant about 12 inches (30 cm) from the house and not near it.

There are a few different kinds of mint you can plant in your garden. Peppermint and spearmint are both toxic to ants. The plant is also highly invasive if you do not contain it. When planting the plant, ensure you choose a hardy variety in USDA zones three through 10. Planting a pot of mint outside your door to prevent ants from entering your home

One simple way to deter ants from your home is to plant a pot of mint outside your door. The fragrant plant is a proven deterrent to ants. Mint can be used to make mint tea and is also great for flavoring meals. Mint repels ants because they hate the smell of it. You can get mint seeds delivered to your door by Urban Leaf.

Lemons are also a natural ant repellent. Lemons smell bad, and they also hate the acid in them. Lemons also have a strong scent that will mask ant trails without hurting them. If you spot ants in your home after a meal, you can use citrus peels to entice them to leave your home. If the smell does not deter them, they will continue finding your food and setting up camp inside.

Why do ants suddenly appear?

Ants are common in many gardens and parks, but why do they suddenly appear? Scientists have long debated the answer to this question. Some believe that ants migrate from other areas, while others believe that ants pop up from underground. There is still more mystery surrounding the sudden appearance of ants, but scientists are continuing to research the topic. The most common ants in the United States are red imported fire ants, accidentally brought into the country from South America or Asia over many years. Red fire ants are a very dangerous species of ant and can cause severe injuries to humans. The European fire ant can also kill pets and cause severe skin irritation.

Ants in the U.S. are not always dangerous, but they are often aggressive, making them a nuisance to humans. Ants are most often associated with spring because they emerge from their anthills. There is even a scientific term for spring called “antemeridian.” Ants are not only found in the United States but also around the world. These insects can be found worldwide, even in Brazil and Japan. More than 10,000 different species of ants live across the globe.

What do ants hate the most?

Ants have a variety of enemies, but some things that ants hate the most are other ants, bright lights, and smells. Ants are very social insects and rely on communication to survive. When one ant sees something that makes them scared or angry, it will use its antennae to communicate this to the rest of its colony. It’s a very sophisticated way to communicate, and ants use it so much that they have changed the genes of their antennae to do this. These changes are called “antennal glands” and are small sacs at the base of their antennae filled with chemicals. These chemicals are released by the ants and can be used to communicate with other ants. This is just one example of how communication is very important in the life of an ant.


In conclusion, there are several ways to get rid of ants naturally without using harsh chemicals. Cleaning up spilled food and water, using deterrents like vinegar or lemon juice, and planting mint around your house are effective methods. However, if you have a severe ant infestation, you may need to call a professional.


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